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hello once again

Evening, ladies and gents!

Guess who is finally returning to the eljay side of the internets? Thats right!! I do exist...vaguely. Although exams are threatening to obliterate me. Drowning under a sea of textbooks and study notes. And fanfiction geekery. Lol I'm a fanfiction nerd now, its quite fun. Entertaining. But there is other, much more interesting and happy and squee-worthy news in my life...

Ben clearly spoiled my big surprise. SO. yes, tis true, we are going out. I have been going around with a huge stupid grin on my face for the past couple, as is detailed in my MSN name, i am deliriously, perfectly, deliciously, ridiculously happy. And i'm going to see him tomorrow. In fourteen hours and ten minutes, to be exact. Lady above, im sad.

Anyway. Yeah. Thats pretty much the big thing in my life atm. So, at the risk of rambling more than i usually do, i'm going to sign off here, and leave ye with the promise that i shall update more than once a year in future! 

Blessed Be

Tags: back!, ben, exams, panic!!, ramble., random
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