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update at long last

Ok, it has officially been aaages since i updated, so here you go, feel privelaged.


My life, currently, hurts. A lot. Some reasons will be fairly public knowledge, others i keep locked far far away, and it hurts that i have to distance myself from some people in order to keep my secrets safe. I want to finish writing my story but i have about three going atm and i really am not bothered, writing sounds like it involves an awful lot of effort for this moment in time.

Its funny almost, how the only person i really feel like i can confide in i can't, because they are part of my deepest sorrow.

Wow, angsty entry. Hade's halls i'll be wearing arm socks and eyeliner covering half my face before long.

ON a lighter note, V for Vendetta is the most awsome movie evur. Seriously, go and see it if you are into people blowing things up a lot and a fair amount of violence. *shudder* Totallitarian Britain is not a nice picture to imagine. Anywho, i am ranking it up there with Pirates of the Carribean, and for those that know me that is a very high rating.

Arrivaderci a tutti

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